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Antique Time Clocks
Dey Time Register Clock
Item # 602
Dey Time Register Clock, Manufactured by Alexander A. Dey with a United States patient, #411,586, in Syracuse, New York. These employee work register clocks were sold in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and Russia, to name a few. This particular clocks case is wood Oak, and measures, 35 ˝" tall, by 17 ˝" wide. The clock dial is 8" and is a porcelain finish. Bezel glass is beveled. Also it has an engraved lower glass that reads, The Dey Register in scrip. The clock has two access doors to change the roll paper. When an employee punched in or out for the day, the recorded time and employees number was recorded on the roll paper. The case has a brass plate that reads, "The Dey time Register", Serial # 28783. Also on the brass plate is the Pat- dates, July 10, 1895, August 7, 1894, May 23, 1899, and March 28, 1905. The clock movement was converted from spring wind to electric, in 1918. This Dey Time Register clock is in excellent running condition.. Item # 602..E-Mail us for the Price..Plus S/H/I/.
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International Time Recording Clock Co.,made in Endicott, NY, USA.
Item # 899
International Time Recording Clock Co.,made in Endicott, NY, USA. Time only, non recorder. Dimensions: 24”H, 13 ˝”W. Original “signed” metal Dial is 7”. Dial has a couple small scratches. Has a large brass movement. Pendulum shaft is oak and 14” in length. Pendulum bob measures 4 ˝” and looks to be polished chrome over lead. Comes with a brass key to lock the main door. Has the words in gold lettering across the bottom of the case that reads, "International".This timepiece was used in train stations and factories in the 1920’s. Case is oak with large Cornice top. Case is excellent. Clock has been serviced, Runs great. And keeps perfect time. This is truly a One of a kind, Antique Clock made in Endicott, N.Y… Item #899.. ..Plus S/H/I/…All clocks are 100% guaranteed as stated. E-MAIL IS FOR THE PRICE….
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